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Blockscape is a new voxel sandbox game being programmed and designed by Jens Blomquist where the user is able to build and destory the world as they see fit. Currently the game is still in "Phase 1", which includes just basic mechanics of the game. Some gameplay mechanics include a "God Mode" where inventory is unlimited and flying is enabled, "Normal Mode", where you have to collect items to build, voxel-based building. As the game goes through phases other modes will be added like survial and tower defense based modes that will have you fighting the elements of the world and monsters. A leveling system is also being designed so that you will have a RPG feel to the game.

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"Dev plans stay up to date on the developers new thoughts, ideas, and future plans for the game, listed are some of the comments that the developer has ether said on the forum or on his personal twitter feed"

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