Here's a little buglist extracted from the forum (Last Update 2012-05-11 10:56 CET).

Known Bugs

  • Light Bug
  • Corner Stone Bug
  • No cursor when selecting water
  • Can't pick up water
  • Line is showing that separates height levels
  • Snow under the earth
  • Shadows are pretty "blue-ish" It might bug out in low levels
  • Part of the terrain is missing. Replaced by black part
  • Game lags when placing light blocks
  • Scupling tool Bug. When starting with for example stone and changing to tree the first click will result in the previous material
  • Leaf texture has squares on it
  • Can't cancel selecting a new world. When you run the game and click on "new" you can't cancel. This causes the player to get stuck in the "normal" or "god" select window <---- PRESS ESCAPE
  • Sunlight Bug
  • Unending process bug. Process Blockscape is still running after the game has been closed
  • Gets stuck when you build
  • In game key mapping
  • Gold, silver and iron. Strange colors
  • When atempting to load an empty save slot in the level loading screen, the game crashes
  • No color blocks for old saves
  • When under water, sometimes the surface of the water above appears to be pure white.
  • Can see through ceilings
  • Alt-Tabbing out of the game in fullscreen mode causes chunks to unload
  • Player's view shakes up and down continuously while standing on some surfaces.