This page is now outdated please see crafting recipes: Crafting_Recipes for what can be crafted and with what.Edit


Crafting is used in blockscape in order to take a set of blocks, and turn them into another type, currently, users are able to make their own recipes (this = this) and use those in game.

How it worksEdit

crafting something from one block type to another is referred to as a recipe, these are files in the blockscape folder to tell the system when someone crafts what the outcome should be, by default you only have one recipe which turns a single oak block into a single oak plank block.

Once you know that the recipe is present in your folder that you want to craft you need to 1. collect the resources the recipe requires. 2. place the resources on a flat surface (currently you do not need to build a table but in the future you will) 3. with your cursor over the flat surface or table (not over the resources) hit C on your keyboard. 4. you should hear a ding, if not move to another angle and try again or try placing the resources on another flat surface. 5. collect the now changed resource.

Blockscape recipes pack (Пак рецептов для Blockscape)

Blockscape recipes pack (Пак рецептов для Blockscape)


Video Example of crafting with some user created recipes, default will only allow you to do the single block.