Logic gates

Logic Gates

Premade Models for Logic GatesEdit

Here is a list of models and how to add them to your game to help you make more dynamic tools with the electricity. for a explanation as to what models are go to what is a model.

How to add modelsEdit

The easiest way to add models is by right clicking the shortcut to blockscape on your desktop, going to "properties", and then clicking on "find target..." inside of that folder is another folder called "tools" when you download the .XML files you simply need to copy them into this "tools" folder and then the next time you enter your game they will be located when you press "E"


Adder: 7x3x6 made by googolplexbyte Download z9lra.png


XOR: 3x3x6 made by googolplexbyte Download



D-latch: 6x3x5 made by googolplexbyte Download AMSvB.png