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Date of Addition

Changes Summary

Preview Snapshot


Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:39 am

No complete changelog known.

- Big engine/visual improvements

- You now fall through leaves

Forum Release


 Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:19 pm

No complete changelog known.

However changes include:

-"L2 Engine"



-Basic crafting and survival

-Materials smoothness and transitions

-to be continued...

Forums Release

4740.39586 Special Christmas edition!

Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:20 pm [x] xmas edition [x] New smoother lighting for point light sources (light blocks, fire, fireflies)

Forum Release


Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:25 am

[x] User placed blocks take no time to remove

[x] Fluids are now saved 

[x] Fluids can now be used in cube/state models

[x] Added a simple torch cube model

[x] Fire spread now works correctly on wood surfaces

[x] Fire no longer burns on not flammable surfaces

[x] New horizontal column tool

[x] Column cube types now works with metal material

Forum Release


Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:29 pm

[x] Windowed mode: Fixed "program is not respoding" when switching to another application for a couple of seconds. 

[x] Fireflies emits light now.

[x] Fireflies will no longer spawn out at sea or underwater 

[x] Fixed underwater texture rendering errors.

[x] Fire light is now twice as bright

[x] Crafting now works facing any direction

Forum release


Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:22 am

[x] Optimized world generator. It will now use as many processor cores as possible. [x] You can now use the plant tool to remove leaves

[x] Crafting (Very basic right now. Just a couple of recipes included)

[x] Fluids and normal voxels are now completely separated

[x] Fluid tool [x] Glass material in fog - shader fix

[x] Eyedropper tool by pressing [ALT] + [LMB] [x] Inventory is now completely empty when starting in Survival mode.

[x] Reorganized/optimized startup code/engine loading

[x] Removed autocrafting logic.

[x] Removed old grid aligned tools. 

[x] Updated the file format to version 4 and released the specification

[x] Multiplayer: Client will now obey game mode [x] Snow generation is more complex now. 

[x] Landscape is now more land (Too much water before).

[x] Sedimentary rock generation is much more powerful and complex now. Gives you cliffs, shelves and caves and integrates better with the rest of the terrain.

[x] Rivers may create caves through mountains. Caves of the "Old Ones".

[x] Plants can now be placed anywhere in God Mode. 

[x] Fireflies 

[x] Fire (Implemented as a fluid and spreads depending on material)

[x] Column/pin blocks are now shown correct from a distance

[x] Delete tool (right mouse button) is alot more intelligent now.

[x] Material hardness (it now takes more time to mine harder materials)

[x] Different sounds for different materials [x] Water lighting? Different cube types in same position?

[x] Faster finite water.

[x] Finite water is replaced with infinite water when it reaches the same level

[x] Finite water is absorbed by infinite water (So you can have rivers and waterfall that ends in sea and lakes)

[x] Wall tool now works with size 1 and 2 [x] New model/tool: Plate

[x] Foliage water reflection

[x] Optimized light calculation when placing lots of light sources

[x] New chat commands: drawwater x, drawplastic x, drawterrain x, drawfoliage x (replace x with 0 or 1)

[x] New chat command: drawwireframe (replace x with 0 or 1) [x] Cursor in water is now visible [x] Glass in water is now visible 

[x] Basic Steam integration

[x] Trees and plants don't grow deep down in caves anymore

[x] Fixed lots of small errors in grass/soil/snow generation

[x] Removed special items/materials from inventory

[x] Leaves are now shown correctly in inventory [x] New algorithm for Spruce tree generation

[x] More complex river generation

[x] Streamlined/optimized background world chunk processing

[x] Day/night cycle light update is much smarter (= timeofday command result is faster)

[x] Improved concurrency between engine parts (= smoother rendering, lag elimination)

[x] Better treatment of alpha in mip maps and foliage rendering (= much less pixelated foliage) [x] Mouse wheel increases/descreses block size [x] Pitch is now locked to +/- pi/2 (= no more loops  )

[x] Fire light cache to suport massive amounts of fire 

[x] fire spread fixes (still some issues)

[x] fire icon

+ an insane amount of fixes...

Forum release


Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:41 am
  1. Real leaves!
  2. Animated foliage! (Currently animations are always on. Wind everywhere)
  3. New tree type: Fir/spruce tree
  4. New tree type: Palm tree
  5. Tree generation engine will now generate bushes and stuff under certain conditions.
  6. Foliage will now change depending on season zone (turns yellow in autumn zones)
  7. Fixed geometry glitch related to the new bar blocks
  8. Improved/fixed lighting for e-blocks and the new bar blocks.
  9. Improved font rendering (cast shadows and some small adjustments)
  10. Higher quality textures for almost every material and foliage (some stuff left to do here)
  11. Adaptive texturing for planks and bricks (texturing changes depending on how the blocks are combined) (more work needed)
  12. Improved glass rendering (Simulation of light scattering on edges == improves visibillity)
  13. New LOD engine
  14. Some materials (like planks) are now directional. Alignment is selected based on player direction.
  15. Massive performance improvements
  16. Changed FOV to something less fish-eye-ish.
  17. Fixed ALT-TAB issues.
  18. Lots of other fixes...
Forum Release 4665.2167 Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:21 am
  1. Fixed the missing chunks bug
  2. Fixed a rare light block bug that could cause a crash
  3. New light blocks: Blue, yellow and red.
  4. Fixed the black border near the water edge bug.
  5. More optimizations
  6. New electricity block: Inverter
  7. New electricity block: Counter
  8. Light blocks surface color now reflects the intensity of the light
  9. Fixed size of electricity blocks in inventory
? ?


Forum Release [1] 0.9.4514.17853

May 11, 2012

Bug Fixes:

  • Old God mode savegames did not get the new color materials.

Forum Release [2] 0.9.4513.40381

May 10, 2012

New Features:

  • Show material names above material cubes in inventory.
  • Inventory Scrollbar (to handle the growing libary of materials)
  • Infinite plane world type
  • 24 plain color blocks
  • Assets cache version (preperation for mods)
  • New material: Clay
  • New material: Clay plates
  • New material: Bricks
  • New material: Stone slabs
  • New material: Vertical plank
  • New setting: View distance (be careful with max setting!)
  • New setting: Invert mouse

Official Release [3] 0.9.4493.36410

April 20, 2012

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash on startup [4]

New Features:

  • Multiplayer (up to 256 players)
  • New setting: Fullscreen/Windowed mode
  • Blockscape now remembers all the settings you change

Special Debug Version [5] 0.9.4484.40661

April 13, 2012

It runs in windowed mode, gives you a lot of realtime information and has better error reporting in case of crash. (These debug functions are not implemented in the next version)

? April 5, 2012

Bug Fixes:

  • Rare inventory rendering glitch
  • Auto-crafted items did not show correct quantity in some cases

New Features:

  • Inventory is now split into tools and materials
  • New models and improved rendering of inventory
  • You can now select screen resolution before you start a game
  • Optimized startup
  • New tool: Sculpting tool
? March 23, 2012

Bug Fixes:

  • Unknown, but there are some.

New Features:

  • God mode (flying and infinite resources)
  • Memory optimizations
  • Rendering optimizations
? March 16, 2012

New Features:

  • Cave system is not infinite in every direction
  • New water model (combination of static bodies and dynamic water)
  • Player hull changed a bit
  • Launcher shows build number
  • Other optimizations
  • New material: Sandstone
  • New material: Limestone
  • New material: Gold
  • New material: Iron
  • New material: Silver